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Introduction to Newsletter

This is the first of what we are planning to be a weekly newsletter. In the newsletter we seek to provide you with important information about the Chenoa Fund in the form of:

  • Program changes and updates
  • Announcements
  • Training updates, webinars, and more
  • Marketing resources you can use with borrowers and realtors
  • Answers to questions
  • News About Chenoa Fund
  • And more….

Chenoa Fund Releases Revised Program Guidelines

Chenoa Fund released and posted to their website under Program Guidelines the following:

All previous guidelines can be found under Archive: Program Guidelines.

Five Tips on How to Engage Potential Hispanic Homeowners

The homeownership rate for Hispanics has jumped in recent years, a fact that could buoy the housing market for years, according to a recent Wall Street Journal 1 article.


The homeownership rate of Hispanics is on the rise according to a recent Wall Street Journal article. It was only three years ago that homeownership for this group was at a 50-year low. Today, Census data shows that it has risen 3.3% which surpasses the homeownership growth rate of 1.3%. Further, while Hispanics account for only 18% of the U.S. population, they accounted for 65% of the homeowner gains.  Continue reading….


As Seen in the Chrisman Report

Over the past month, Chenoa Fund has published a series of posts in the Chrisman Report. You can read the full series on the Chenoa Fund blog in the article: “As Seen in the Chrisman Report.” The most recent post is Monday, October 17.


Chenoa Fund: A Safe and Happy Home: Through the years, Chenoa Fund’s programs have helped more than 17,000 low- and moderate-income borrowers obtain loans and realize long-held dreams of owning a home. When asked what they value most about the experience, most buyers provide a common response: the chance to live in a safe and happy home. Darlene T. recalled the joy she felt at leaving behind her “overpriced, poorly maintained rental” in an “undesirable part of town” and moving into her own house: “The neighborhood is beautiful, safer and has many conveniences close by.” Brittnie S. also was grateful to have a “safe place to come home to” after long shifts as a nurse. For these and other former renters, homeownership provides a sense of security that has a decisive impact on their quality of life. That’s an outcome worth celebrating. Continue….

Marketing Resource #1: Infographic and Blog Article

This week we are introducing a blog article and infographic that you can use in your communications with borrowers such as website, newsletter, email, blog, and social media. The PDF provides four versions to choose from. Each version provides you the ability to enter your personal information.


See posted article in Chenoa Blog


The title of the article and PDF are: Debunking Homebuyer Down-Payment Myths.


Go to Lenders webpage: Marketing Resources

Download from the following sections:


Marketing Resources Have Four Versions

Chenoa Fund has created a variety of high quality marketing materials you can use for creating interest in CBC Mortgage Agency (CBCMA) products/programs. The resources include:

  1. Program Flyers (Lenders)
  2. Program Flyers (Lenders/Realtors)
  3. DPA Postcards 11” X 6” (Lenders)
  4. DPA Postcards 11” X 6” (Lenders/Realtors)
  5. DPA Promotion Flyers (Lenders)
  6. DPA Promotion Flyers (Lenders/Realtors)
  7. DPA Door Hangers (Lenders)
  8. DPA Door Hangers (Lenders/Realtors)
  9. Homebuyer Infographics (Lenders)
  10. DPA Seminar and Lunch-n-Learn Flyers (Lenders)
  11. DPA Seminar and Lunch-N-Learn Doorhangers (Lenders)
  12. Chenoa Fund Homebuyer Videos (Lenders)
  13. Social Media Guidelines for Lenders
  14. Articles for Blogs and Newsletters (Lenders)

Each PDF for Lenders has four versions that provide you space for enter your contact information. Information includes:

  • Lending Partner
  • NMLS
  • Branch Location
  • Loan Officer
  • Phone
  • Email


Example 1


Example 2

Chenoa Fund Releases New Marketing Down Payment Assistance Report

Chenoa Fund Released a new marketing resource in the form of a report entitled: 2019 State of Down Payment Assistance Report. Click Here


The white paper includes five sections:

  •  Section One: The State of Down Payment Assistance Today
  • Section Two: National DPA Lender and Borrower Study
  • Section Three: Cost Benefit Analysis of DPA vs Renting
  • Section Four: Homeownership: Race and Risk
  • Section Five: Politics and Housing


Chenoa Fund News Release: October 22, 2019

CBC Mortgage Agency Releases National Down Payment Assistance Study



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