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In the newsletter we seek to provide you with important information about the Chenoa Fund in the form of:

  • Program changes and updates
  • Announcements
  • Training updates, webinars, and more
  • Marketing resources you can use with borrowers and realtors
  • Answers to questions
  • News About Chenoa Fund
  • And more….


Chenoa Fund Releases Revised Program Guidelines 8.1

CBC Mortgage Agency is officially publishing its monthly update to the Chenoa Fund Program Guidelines. Welcome to 8.1!


CBCMA Correspondent Lending Guide Version 8.1
CBCMA Product Matrix 8.1
CBCMA Manufactured Housing Guidelines 8.1
All previous guidelines can be found under Archive: Program Guidelines.


CBC Mortgage Agency soft-released a document titled Borrower Residency and Eligibility Guide on the second of this month. We have determined, after receiving feedback from our correspondent lenders, to retract that document and expand upon the guidance already found in the CLG. Our expanded policies regarding borrower eligibility, including our views on EADs, can be found in section 5.28.


In section 5.7, our team discovered an outdated guideline regarding conventional income limits that had missed our attention. This mistake has been corrected.


Chenoa Fund Training Modules have been Updated

Several of our training modules were recently updated with more information regarding our guidelines. Details can be found below.


Module #6: How to Lock a Loan – The listed Lock period was increased from 45 to 60 days.

Module #11: Final Documents – Slides teaching how to pull trailing documents reports were added into the back half of the presentation.

Module #12: Servicing – Slides containing our subordination policy and policies regarding early payment defaults were added into the back half of the presentation.


For any questions pertaining to these modules, please reach out to



New Mortgage Industry Report Seriously Challenges Down Payment Assistance Stigma of “High-Rates of Delinquency”


Over the last several years reports have surfaced stating that down-payment assistance exhibit “high rates of delinquency” as in the 2018 Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) report to Congress1,


“Mortgages with DPA generally exhibit higher rates of delinquency and default, and those with such assistance financed by self-identified governmental entities have higher rates of default than those with other forms of DPA.”

Continue reading…



Marketing Resource #2: Infographic and Blog Article

This week we are introducing a blog article and infographic that you can use in your communications with borrowers such as website, newsletter, email, blog, and social media. The PDF provides four versions to choose from. Each version provides you the ability to enter your personal information. See posted article in Chenoa Blog


The title of the article and PNG are: What to Expect When You Buy Your First Home. Save this image to desktop and share.


Go to Lenders webpage: Marketing Resources


Download from the following sections:




Marketing Resources Have Four Versions

Chenoa Fund has created a variety of high quality marketing materials you can use for creating interest in CBC Mortgage Agency (CBCMA) products/programs. The resources include:

1. Chenoa Fund Program Flyers (Lenders)
2. Chenoa Fund Program Flyers (Lenders & Realtors)
3. DPA Flyer (No Contact Fields)
4. DPA Flyer (No Contact Fields) (Spanish)
5. DPA Postcards 6” X 4” (No Contact Fields)
6. DPA Postcards 6” X 4” (No Contact Fields) (Spanish)
7. DPA Postcards 11” X 6” (Lenders)
8. DPA Postcards 11” X 6” (Lenders & Realtors)
9. DPA Postcards 11” X 6” (No Contact Fields)
10. DPA Postcards 11” X 6” (No Contact Fields) (Spanish)
11. DPA Promotion Flyers (Lenders)
12. DPA Promotion Flyers (Lenders & Realtors)
13. DPA Door Hangers (Lenders)
14. DPA Door Hangers (Lenders & Realtors)
15. Homebuyer Infographics (Lenders)
16. Homebuyer Infographics (PNG Version for Social Sharing)
17. DPA Seminar and Lunch-N-Learn Flyers (Lenders)
18. DPA Seminar and Lunch-N-Learn Door Hangers (Lenders)
19. Chenoa Fund Homebuyer Videos (Lenders)
20. Chenoa Fund Social Media Guidelines for Lenders
21. Articles for Blogs and Newsletters (Lenders)
22. Sign Riders (English)
23. Sign Riders (Spanish)

Each PDF for Lenders has four versions that provide you space for enter your contact information. Information includes:

  • Lending Partner
  • NMLS
  • Branch Location
  • Loan Officer
  • Phone
  • Email


Example 1


Example 2


Chenoa Fund Releases New Marketing Down Payment Assistance Report

Chenoa Fund Released a new marketing resource in the form of a report entitled: 2019 State of Down Payment Assistance Report. Click Here


The white paper includes five sections:

  •  Section One: The State of Down Payment Assistance Today
  • Section Two: National DPA Lender and Borrower Study
  • Section Three: Cost Benefit Analysis of DPA vs Renting
  • Section Four: Homeownership: Race and Risk
  • Section Five: Politics and Housing


Chenoa Fund News Releases


Chenoa Fund has released the following news releases in the past several weeks.

December 12, 2019-Press Release: Cedar Band of Paiutes Applauds New Resolution Calling for HUD to Consult with Tribes
December 10, 2019-Press Release: Cedar Band of Paiutes Applauds Sen. Tom Udall’s Remarks Reinforcing Sanctity of Tribal Consultations
December 9, 2019-Press Release: CBC Mortgage Agency Lauds Chairman Lacy Clay’s Questioning on Down Payment Assistance


Chenoa Fund in the News

The following articles have mentioned Chenoa Fund and/or CBC in the past several weeks.

December 16, 2019-Markets Insider: CBC Mortgage Agency President Richard Ferguson: National Down Payment Assistance Programs Offer Many Benefits for Large, Multi-State Lenders
November 13, 2019-National Mortgage Professional: Reports Conclude: Downpayment Assistance Programs Have No Impact on Loan Performance


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2019 State of Down Payment Assistance Report
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